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The Member Level Badge
Create customized trip plans on Go Trip Network

Hospitality Empire Badges
Claim Trade Badge
Lodging Claim Badge
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The Trip Planning Badge
Create customized trip plans on Go Trip Network
BEGINNER:2-9 Plans
ROAD WARRIOR:10-49 Plans
EXPERT:50-99 Plans
MASTER:100+ Plans

Trip Planning Leaderboard
  1. Aavid Traveler - 20 Trips
  2. Lidogo Founder - 15 Trips
  3. Island Guy - 13 Trips
  4. GoTripRebecca - 6 Trips
  5. Amy - 4 Trips
  6. Joyce Barnaby - 3 Trips
  7. wildflower500 - 3 Trips
  8. 91237619 - 2 Trips
  9. jamie0318 - 2 Trips
  10. Lightning16 - 2 Trips
The Employee Badge
Go Trip Network/Tansect Employee

The Public Discussion Badge
Create chats in Go Trip's Travel Forums
SHY:1 Active Public Discussion
MINGLER:2-9 Active Public Discussions
CHAT PRO:10-49 Active Public Discussions
EXPERT:50-99 Active Public Discussions
MASTER:100+ Public Discussions

The Discussion Leaderboard
  1. Aavid Traveler - 21 Chats
  2. Lidogo Founder - 6 Chats
  3. Island Guy - 3 Chats
  4. Yackski - 2 Chats
  5. Amy - 1 Chats
  6. HappyTrails - 1 Chats
  7. matysla - 1 Chats
The Info Badge
Member has updated their profile with their name, current address, and phone number.

The Advertiser Badge
We Celebrate Companies That Advertise

The Destination Badge
Create custom trip plans for key destinations
Africa Badge
Asia Badge
Caribbean Badge
South America Badge
Walt Disney World Badge